Rogue APs: All you need to know about them

A Rogue Access Point (Rogue AP) is a wireless access point installed on a wired enterprise network without authorization from the network administrator. A Rogue AP may be naively installed by a legitimate user who is unaware of its security implications or it could be deliberately installed as an insider attack. A Rogue AP could also be easily smuggled onto enterprise premises by an outsider. In any case, a Rogue AP poses serious security threat to a wired enterprise network as it provides a wireless backdoor into the enterprise network for outsiders, bypassing all wired security measures such as firewalls and network access control (NAC).

This site is dedicated for providing educational information about various aspects of Rogue APs and to create awareness among wireless users and network security administrators. It contains information on security implications of Rogue APs and effective strategies for mitigating the Rogue AP threat in enterprise networks.